Ad Hoc Room Booking The University of Adelaide Australia

Room Booking System

Room Booking System has been closed

New bookings must be made through the new Web Room Bookings system, please update your bookmark to the link below:

New Web Room Booking Video Tutorial

If the tutorial doesn't play you can download the Web Room Booking video by clicking on the link below. Once the file has downloaded double click it to play the video.

Web Room Booking Tutorial

Known Issues

  1. When the portal is displayed users with only Web Room Booking access will need to select the top tab labelled '2016PRD' to display the Web Room Booking application.


Problem: Expected rooms are not displayed.

Solution 1: When selecting the minimum room size, if expected rooms do not appear adjust the size to be lower but closer to the actual room size. The minimum room size works by filtering between the set value*150. This means if the value is set to 20 for example, rooms between a size of 20 and 50 will be displayed.

Solution 2: When booking unrestricted rooms select 'Property Services' department.

Further Help

If you have any queries please contact Timetabling Services at: